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Immersive Experiences

Adventure Decor

A little sneak peek into our parts of our immersive set design and decor...
Escape Room History

Escape Rooms? What are those?

Well, Captivating Worlds offers Immersive Adventures.  The idea is to immerse participants in a...
Immersive Experiences

Building Continues . . .

Efforts are continuing in the building out our adventures at Captivating Worlds.  Everything from...
Immersive Experiences

Special Pre-Opening Black Friday and Cyber Monday Gift Card Deals!

We’re working on some major Black Friday and Cyber Monday giftcard deals.  This is...
Immersive Experiences

Just testing some electronics

Electronics are a big part of Captivating Worlds.  Testing . . . 1 ....
Immersive Experiences

Farm Against the Winds

This is the LAST in the series of three Opening Day attractions at Captivating...

Our Space Gets All New HVAC Units

As we get our new 5,600 sq ft space ready for Captivating Worlds, we...
Immersive Experiences

Welcome to the Machine

This is the second in the series of Opening Day attractions at Captivating Worlds...
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