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Immerse yourself in a spooky story of long ago, a heart-pounding mystery that twists and surprises, or a joyful fable in which you’re the hero.  Choose from one of our engaging adventures and be thrilled with unexpected plot turns that keep you constantly on your toes.  Work with your team to solve problems and decipher riddles.  Be entertained by the rich and detailed world slowly being revealed around you.  It’s the place to go beyond escape rooms in Columbus.

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"A one of a kind escape room focused on quality storytelling and thoughtful puzzles."Samantha L.

"I was blown away. The focus isn't escaping but rather getting immersed into the story of Dr Faustus. Everything about this room and story was beautiful and well thought out."Doug J.

"The puzzles really force you to think outside the box, the storyline was captivating, and the aesthetics were perfect. If you have some free time this weekend or need a group event, this is the place to go."Kate H.

"Truly a unique and fun experience. Puzzles are extremely well thought out with a ton of surprises you will never see in another escape room. Without giving anything away you'll never forget your time there highly recommend. Just be careful it will ruin all other escape rooms for you."Robbie S.

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