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[wvc_testimonial_slider transition=”fade” slideshow_speed=”5000″ nav_bullets=”false” nav_arrows=”false”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“A one of a kind escape room focused on quality storytelling and thoughtful puzzles.“” name=”Samantha L.”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“I was blown away. The focus isn’t escaping but rather getting immersed into the story of Dr Faustus. Everything about this room and story was beautiful and well thought out.“” name=”Doug J.”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“The puzzles really force you to think outside the box, the storyline was captivating, and the aesthetics were perfect. If you have some free time this weekend or need a group event, this is the place to go.“” name=”Kate H.”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Truly a unique and fun experience. Puzzles are extremely well thought out with a ton of surprises you will never see in another escape room. Without giving anything away you’ll never forget your time there highly recommend. Just be careful it will ruin all other escape rooms for you.“” name=”Robbie S.”][/wvc_testimonial_slider]

Immerse yourself in a spooky story of long ago, a heart-pounding mystery that twists and surprises, or a joyful fable in which you’re the hero.  Choose from one of our engaging adventures and be thrilled with unexpected plot turns that keep you constantly on your toes.  Work with your team to solve problems and decipher riddles.  Be entertained by the rich and detailed world slowly being revealed around you.  It’s the place to go beyond escape rooms in Columbus.

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The Sins of Doctor Faustus

In 1882, Dr. Faustus disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  Now that you’ve spent time in his aged chambers, you begin to understand that his history is far more chilling than you were led to believe.  Not only that, it has dawned on you that he might still be around.  Scout his parlor and find out what happened to him and play a part with what will happen to him now.

This experience is spooky and atmospheric, with some unexpected startles coming your way (but no live actors).  What you and your team will experience is well beyond the typical “escape room”.   While your team works together to solve mysteries and puzzles, you will be immersed in a world that includes dramatic lighting, sounds, and next generation technology that will provide an unforgettable experience!

This is a 75 MINUTE Captivating Worlds Exclusive experience.  It is quite challenging and teams with 4 or more members are the most successful. Recommended for ages 12+.  Anyone under the age of 16 must have a participating adult in the room.   Tiered pricing: More players = Lower cost per person

All bookings for this experience are PRIVATE.

The Barnyard Winds

A new storm is coming and the farm animals have escaped the Barn!  This storm is packing rainfall and powerful winds — can you do what needs to be done to get these animals back safe and secure?  It really is getting stormy out there.

Looking for an exciting and challenging, adult-oriented, immersive adventure?  This upbeat 60 minute, Captivating Worlds Exclusive experience builds in intensity, teamwork, and fun and includes an arcade-like atmosphere.  The puzzles, games and music are perfect for team-building, whether for  families, friends or co-workers!  Game playing, puzzle-solving and working together are all critical for success, with laughs and surprises along the way.  This is a highly immersive experience, and includes dramatic lighting, sound, animatronics  and next generation technology.  (No live actors.)

2 – 8 players, although a minimum of 3 players is strongly recommended.  Intermediate level of difficulty.  Designed to be enjoyed by a wide range of ages, from 8 – 108, although puzzles are designed at the adult level.  Those under the age of 14 must have a participating adult in the room.  Adults will do the majority of the puzzles in this experience, no matter how many youngsters are participating.    Tiered pricing: More players = Lower cost per person

All bookings for this experience are PRIVATE.

Welcome to the Machine

When a scientist turns mad anarchist, he flees to Europe, taunting authorities back home in Ohio about his fiendish plans.  You’ve been assigned by the Department of Homeland Security to search the ruin of his nearby cabin to find clues of those plans.  But what you stumble upon is an adventure that you sure didn’t expect to find.

This Captivating Worlds Exclusive experience builds in intensity and urgency, aided with loud sound and unusual flash lighting effects.  Level of difficulty is demanding due to time constraints and some participants may have to show their agility.  Those under the age of 14 must be chaperoned by a paying adult.  Tiered pricing: More players = Lower cost per person.

All bookings for this experience are PRIVATE. 

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