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Technology at Captivating Worlds

Our customers are surprised to find out that our adventures are nearly 100% run by technology.  While your Game Master will watch intently, it’s not to trigger the next step when you do something right.  Each Game Master watches so that he/she can be ready to help with hints when asked.

During your experience, each action that you take will cause something else to happen.  The automatic opening of drawers, boxes, or doors, any character interactions and the theatrical lighting and soundtracks is completely driven by computers in reaction to you.  Specialized hardware controllers and strategic use of software allows us to provide a special and unique experience, exactly as it was originally designed.

Each day, our staff tests every puzzle to be sure you are getting the best experience possible, with no broken puzzles or frustrating distractions.

Captivating Worlds brings you an experience unlike any typical escape room in Columbus.  Captivating World brings you technology-driven Immersive Adventures.  You’ll find the experience quite challenging, refreshing, and fun!

For more information, call or text us at (614) 245-4058 or email us at [email protected]


We are located in the Giant Eagle/Market District plaza immediately off of State Route 161 in New Albany, less than 20 minutes from the Columbus Convention Center.  We are located in the building anchored by Panera Bread and Rooster’s.

Reviews of Captivating Worlds

This experience was AMAZING! It was so different from a traditional escape room. Captivating Worlds blew my mind. It had effects that were near movie quality! The owners are wonderful. I highly recommend Captivating Worlds!
I'm very happy with everything.Sarah M.

Captivating worlds is a top game in Columbus! I've played both rooms. As an enthusiast, I love the thought that went behind the story, the puzzles and challenges, and how the tech supports it. The Sins of Dr. Faustus is a WOW feel from the start.Rachel A.

My first escape room and we had a blast. It made my wife's birthday memorable. We can't wait to try another room!Chris S.

Been to numerous escape rooms and this is by far the best. Theatrical, challenging, and very unique. This is definitely the best in the Columbus OH area.Dee G.

This is really unique. Not an escape room ... but rather an experience room. One of rooms I experienced is a 75-minute adventure that was a wonderful blend of brainteasers, puzzles and mystery, woven together amidst 19th century history and powered by 21st century technology.Frank A.

We had an absolute blast at Captivating Worlds. We have done most of the escape rooms in this Columbus area, and the Sins of Dr. Faustus experience was by far the most well thought out and designed room we've completed. No detail was overlooked in the design of the room and the puzzles are engaging and unique and require teamwork between all players, making sure you're working together throughout the whole experience.Natasha M.

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