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Difficulty Levels

We list a “Difficulty Level” for each of our experiences so that you can compare our offerings.  It is important to understand that there is no universal difficulty rating in the escape game industry.  The levels provided are meant to be a relative measure as you decide between the experiences that we offer.

In general, we have found that our experienced customers believe that our rooms are more challenging than the typical “lock & key” rooms at some other venues.  But there are several factors to keep in mind when evaluating the Difficulty Level of each game.

  1. CLUES –  If you ask for clues, we will help you overcome a particular challenge.  The trade-off is between time and clues; the fewer the number of clues, the more time it will take to be successful (and it will seem more difficult).
  2. NUDGES – If you are okay with periodically receiving nudges (hints and mini-clues) from your Game Master, each nudge is helping you overcome a challenge as well.  The trade-off is the same as it is with time and clues.  The fewer the number of nudges, the more time it will take to be successful.
  3. YOUR LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE – Those more experienced with escape rooms are sometimes more likely to move faster through the challenges.  This is because these players have had exposure to similar situations.
  4. SIZE OF GROUP – A small group of 2 or 3 will find the challenges more difficult as there are fewer individuals to “share the load”.  Conversely, the larger a group – the more likely that challenges will be achieved.  Since our experiences at Captivating Worlds allow multiple puzzles to be completed simultaneously, a larger group can sometimes “divide and conquer” to complete the challenges.

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