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Deep Underground


Deep Underground

On an exclusive tour of the abandoned mines at the Cavern Coal Mining Company, you prepare yourself to descend 300 feet in the mine’s rickety elevator.  Your tour goes unexpectedly off track and you are faced with one obstacle after another.  If you take care of some unfinished mine business, you may get some unexpected help in getting back to the surface.

This experience includes low light conditions, flashing lights, fog, and dramatically uneven and shifting footing.  Several areas of the experience could be tight for larger groups.  

As your tour will include an elevator and caves, some ducking may be required for brief periods.  No crawling or climbing is required.  Due to uneven footing and risk of injury, flat, closed-toe shoes ARE REQUIRED.  Wheelchairs, scooters and crutches cannot navigate this experience.  Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult.  Minimum age is 8 – No Exceptions.  

Tiered pricing: More players = Lower cost per person.

All bookings for this experience are PRIVATE. 


We had a great experience at Captivating Worlds (Deep Underground)! My favorite escape room so far! We were celebrating a birthday of someone in our group, which we mentioned to the owner upon check-in, and the birthday person got a small, personalized surprise, found in the room! Really nicely designed rooms with great quality and effects, better than any I’ve been to before. This was our first time at Captivating Worlds. The next time we do an escape room, I’ll want to check out one of their other rooms. Thanks for a great experience!

It was such an amazing experience!My husband and me LOVED this place.We tried Deep underground and definitely we will be back soon.Thanks to the owner Mr David and to the team for their passion and effort.

1000/5 !!! I would rate it 1mln stars if I could because of so many reason.

First of all, The founder was super incredibly hospitable and welcoming and we all with our friends felt and it was super obvious that the founder was super passionate about what he was doing

Then rooms are just full of WoWs, super amazing technology and so many logical puzzles, well thought ideas and creativities made it sooo amazing, we tried the Deep Underground only today But we will be trying all of them in the future for sure.  We are so happy that we were able to try this escape room.  Thanks so much Founder and Team.

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