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have joined us for teambuilding at Captivating Worlds

Teambuilding, the “Captivating” way.

Teamworlds offers a spectrum of teambuilding options, from hosting groups during regular business hours, to hosting private events (including parties) during “off-hours”.   We’ve held board meetings, teambuilding events, and birthday parties for adults.  We can even offer select team workshops to pair with your escape game experience.  Most often, we’ve adjusted start times for the experience to be the most convenient for the group.

Our Conference Room is also available for business meetings of all kind.  Groups have used these facilities, then have split up into the same or different experiences for teambuilding.  Some customers have signed up for more than one experience as well.  More details and to reserve your event, fill out the form on this page or you can contact us at [email protected] or at (614) 245-4058.

We can also hold a special experience at your location for a wide range of groups, for a group size of 40 up to a size of hundreds, lead time dependent.  Contact us for more information.

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