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Support Small Business (like Captivating Worlds) and Save!

If you have an American Express card, you can support small business while saving you cash!  If you enroll by 8/23/2020, you'll be able to save $5 per transaction at an eligible small business (like Captivating Worlds escape room business) up to 10 times until 9/20/2020. To enroll in the program, go to the American Express Small Business webpage.  Then you'll save $5 each transaction when you book with us for the next month or so.  It shows up as a credit card statement credit.  Not a bad deal. Further information can be found at the American Express Small Business......

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Storm Clouds Up Ahead

Certainly another "sign of the times" - this one at Captivating Worlds.  There is much concern we have for our communities, especially since we hear things will likely get worse before they get better.  Hang in there, be safe, have hope and we'll make it through....

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Opening in the not so distant future . . .


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Whatever Comes Down Must Go Up

Isn’t that how the saying goes? Parts of many walls have been erected, while the HVAC and electrical systems are modified.  Upcoming are numerous permit inspections, finishing up walls and new doorways.

The Walls are Coming Down

  Walls are coming down at Captivating Worlds as demolition begins for our renovation project. While walls and passageways will continue to come down, new walls and rooms will begin to materialize....

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