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Immersive Experiences

Building Continues; Show Electronics Begin to Arrive

Set building continues, although we have a long way still to go.  But, things are starting to take shape and we'll be putting finishing wood on all of our "furniture" soon, followed by staining or painting.  Show props and electronics have begun to arrive, ready for our integration into our Captivating Worlds storylines....

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Escape Rooms? What are those?

Well, Captivating Worlds offers Immersive Adventures.  The idea is to immerse participants in a storyline that quickens the pulse and evokes industry as well as it does emotion.  Fundamentally – it is designed to entertain.  There are a wide range of reasons to book an adventure with us, everything from celebrating a particular date, having...

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Building Continues . . .

Efforts are continuing in the building out our adventures at Captivating Worlds.  Everything from constructing props, removing electrical fixtures, painting, removing / constructing walls and unique “world building” will continue over the next few months.         

Just testing some electronics

Electronics are a big part of Captivating Worlds.  Testing . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . It’s just another day at Captivating Worlds.

The Barnyard Winds

This is the LAST in the series of three Opening Day attractions at Captivating Worlds . . . The Barnyard Winds Taking care of the farm is your life’s work.  But when a new storm’s a-coming, getting those pesky animals to safety proves to be more than you bargained for.  Will you make these animals...

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Welcome to the Machine

This is the second in the series of Opening Day attractions at Captivating Worlds . . . Welcome to the Machine When a nuclear physicist turns anarchist, he flees to Europe, taunting authorities back home in Ohio about his fiendish plans.  You’ve been assigned to search the ruin of his nearby cabin to find clues...

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Doctor Faustus

The Sins of Doctor Faustus

This is the first in the series of Opening Day attractions at Captivating Worlds . . . In 1882, Dr. Faustus disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  Now that you’ve spent time in his opulent and aged chambers, you begin to understand that his history is far more chilling than you were led to believe.  Not only...

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Lobby Picture

Three Experiences Targeted for Opening Day

While we work on our new space in Columbus/New Albany, we’ll share some details of our upcoming immersive adventures. So when we open the doors to Captivating Worlds, our target is to have built the following three experiences: The Barnyard Winds The Sins of Doctor Faustus Welcome to the Machine In the coming days, I’ll...

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