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Morty is an organization dedicated to the emerging immersive attraction industry.  Since 2021, the Morty app has documented escape room venues worldwide and given a way for enthusiasts to track their experiences and their ratings.

Each year, Morty awards the most highly rated escape games their “Best of Morty” award.  In 2022, “The Sins of Doctor Faustus” was named one of the best worldwide; in 2023, all four current experiences at Captivating Worlds were named amongst the best worldwide.  So apart from “The Sins of Doctor Faustus”, “Barnyard Winds”, “Welcome to the Machine”, and “Deep Underground” were named “Best of Morty” in 2023 as well.

The “Best of Morty” awards reflect the highest rated escape rooms across 79 countries. Within the United States, only 114 venues received an award.  Captivating Worlds was the only venue in Ohio awarded a “Best of Morty” award in 2023.  Not only that, Captivating Worlds wasn’t awarded just a single award, but was awarded four “Best of Morty” awards!


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